from left to right: Melissa Lukas, Dr. Allison Clark, & Tabetha Banks

Dr. Allison Clark

Dr. Allison Clark


"Welcome to Arlington Middle School, home of the Tigers! AMS is a true middle school where we are all dedicated to training minds, building strong character, and providing skills that will be useful and required both now and in the future. Our goal is to prepare students for the world beyond in a safe and supportive environment and encourage students to achieve at their highest level academically, in extra-curricular endeavors, and artistically. The AMS faculty and staff work with students, parents, and the community in a collaborative learning community.

We offer many opportunities for each student to have success both in and out of the classroom setting. There are many clubs as well as other after-school activities for our students. We also provide opportunities that encourage community service. Although we could not possibly list all of the student activities that go on at AMS, some of these opportunities you will find listed on this web site. In short, there is something for everyone here!f Explore this site, especially the school calendar, and please contact the school if you have any questions. And as always......GO TIGERS!"


Tabetha Banks



I am the most proud to be a Tiger when we have new student registration. Nearly every parent will credit their move to the quality of Arlington Middle School. They share how current and former parents praise the school for offering a challenging curriculum and being genuinely concerned about the success of all students. Students tell prospective parents that AMS teachers care about them. The faculty and staff at AMS work really hard to make this a great middle school, and based on our reputation in the community, it is not going unnoticed.




Once a Tiger, always a Tiger. I am proud to be a Tiger each and every day. I love working with middle school students and their parents. I am most proud to be a Tiger when former students come back and thank me for helping them through their middle school journey. As our former students express how much they appreciate the experience they had at AMS, I can't help but swell with pride at the opportunities we provide for students to grow and enhance their talents. Each Tiger leaves AMS with a little piece of all of us, and I'm proud of that.

Melissa Lukas