School Traffic Map

Hello AMS Parents!

We are so excited to be back at school and see all of our Tigers! We are looking forward to an awesome school year!

Parents of Car Riders:

  1. Students may be dropped off in the morning no earlier than 8:30 a.m. and please pick them up at 3:45 p.m

  2. Car Riders Will pull forward into one of two “drive-in lanes” until they get to the end of the lane. Both lanes will stop and wait for a staff member to wave them forward.

  3. Cars will turn left when told to do so and will fill the “pick-up/drop-off lane” [orange on map].

  4. Students can enter/exit the vehicles once the sidewalk is to their right [sidewalk starts at the first orange line on the map and ends at end of second orange line]. Cars will stop until told to move forward by a staff member.

  5. After all students are clear of the car rider lanes, staff members will allow the lane to empty and exit the parking lot.

  6. Students must enter the building through their designated entrance by grade level- 6th grade enters the 400 hallway / 7th grade enters the 200 hallway / 8th grade enters through the new gym.

Additional Notes: Please do not be on your cell phone and pay attention to the flow of traffic and staff members directing you!

AMS Car Rider Map

AMS Car Rider

AMS Walker Map

AMS Walker Map