School Counselors

Jennifer Booker Pamela Burt

Jennifer Booker & Pamela Burt

School Counseling Services
School counselors provide guidance in academic, personal and social development, career exploration, and peer leadership through:
Classroom guidance sessions
Consultation services
Small group counseling
Individual counseling
Peer Mediation
Referral services
Peer leadership sponsorship
Peer Mentoring Program (Big Brothers and Big Sisters)
Bobcat Ambassadors
Peer Tutors
MLT (Military Leaders of Tomorrow)


Arlington Middle uses Peer Mediation to help students work out their problems peaceably. The students may refer themselves for Peer Mediation or a teacher, parent, or administrator may refer students to participate in this exercise.


School programs available for students who need help with organization skills and homework:

Parent Session: How to Support Your Child Academically, 1st, 2nd, 3rd nine week grading period

Tutoring (Peer tutoring and teacher tutoring)

PowerSchool, Parent Access Codes Provided

Tracking of At Risk Students

Peer Mentoring (Big Brothers and Big Sisters Program)