Fine Arts

Performing Arts

Band Chorus  Orchestra
  • Five-day a week programs
  • Before and after-school practice opportunities
  • Only program in West Tennessee to offer Symphony Orchestra


Visual Arts

  • Two and Three-day a week programs
  • Before-school Art Club
  • Year-round competitions
  • Theatre backdrop design


Preparing for PAVE

  • Numerous small and large group performances, exhibitions, and competitions throughout the year
  • Various art contests and competitions ranging in content, scope, and size while offering a multitude of opportunities for students to compete

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Our faculty continue to strive to build our fine arts program with great depth and breadth in order to prepare our students for high school and the world beyond.

Whether your interest in the fine arts is casual or more serious, we have a program that's right for you.


We are passionate and realize the fine arts play a key role in the development of the whole person. We aspire to create a culture of creative students who are able to apply these 21st century skills in all other aspects of their scholastic endeavors.


We understand there are many types of students, and we have created programs as diverse as those students who participate in them.

The Vocal Arts includes 6th, 7th, and 8th grade chorus' and Honor Chorus.

Performing Arts include courses for Beginning Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Orchestra, and Symphony Orchestra.

Visual Arts include courses for grades 6 through 8, as well as Art Club.