Clubs & Organizations



Arlington Middle School sponsors a girls and boys basketball team, cheerleading and dance who compete with other middle schools in the Shelby County System. Athletes are expected to adhere to the constitution, AMS expectations, and TSSAA rules. Practices are scheduled before or after school. Students who participate in these groups have indicated a desire to contribute time and energy for the good of themselves, the team, and their school. We expect our athletes to be good representatives of Arlington Middle School wherever they go. All students are encouraged to attend the games and support our teams.


 Basketball (girls and boys)

meet criteria try-out REQUIRED FEES competitive


meet criteria try-out REQUIRED FEES competitive

Dance Team (AMSDT)

meet criteria try-out REQUIRED FEES competitive


meet criteria try-out REQUIRED FEES competitive

 Soccer (girls & boys)

meet criteria try-out REQUIRED FEES competitive


meet criteria try-out REQUIRED FEES competitive


Membership in clubs is open to all students who meet the membership criteria. Every student will profit from the varied experiences, which he/she will enjoy as a member of a club. Regular meetings will be held once each month, either before or after school.

A club may be organized upon the submission of a petition signed by a minimum of twelve students and upon the acceptance of the sponsorship by a member of the Arlington Middle School faculty.

AMS Theatre
complete application & Meet criteria audition approx $50
The AMS Theatre works to promote creativity and to foster individual talents and abilities in the humanities. Calling all creative minds! AMS Theatre is looking for you! Do you love to be on stage? Do you love singing and dancing? If the answer is yes, we've saved you a spot in AMS Theatre! Maybe acting isn't your thing. Don't worry; we can still use your help! AMS Theatre isn't just for those who love the spotlight, we have a place for those who prefer to work behind the scenes. If painting, costume design, or working lights and sound is right up your alley, we encourage you to audition for an upcoming AMS Theatre production!

Art Club
complete application $20
Bobcat Art Club is designed for any student who wants to pursue their creative side outside of the regular school day. Students who join the club are able to explore a variety of media and types of projects that are not in the regular art curriculum. From sculpting a masterpiece to entering contests, there is bound to be something that fosters your creative spirit. Whether you are a beginner, who doesn't take art for MAPS, or you are a seasoned veteran wanting to enrich your Bobcat art experience, this club is for any Bobcat interested in creating something awesome. Open to any Bobcat who is interested in joining, the Bobcat Art Club meets on a weekly basis and separates students by grade level. There is also a small fee that pays for materials and supplies for the year.

Battle of the Books (BOTB)
complete application $15 limited space
BOTB is a reading incentive program for students in grades 6-8. Each participating schools creates a team of 8-15 students. Each student on the team will read a total of ten books from a pre-selected reading list chosen from the Volunteer State Book Award List. Students have from September until the end of January to read all ten books. During February and March, participating students will demonstrate their knowledge of the books by answering comprehensive questions about the reading content during a game show style competition against other middle schools.

Best Buddies
complete application & meet criteria limited space $?
Best Buddies is an international organization, with participants in each state of the U.S. The program was founded in 2010 for the state of Tennessee. Best Buddies gives students the opportunity to develop relationships between students who have disabilities with those who do not. The program will give students time in school to interact with one another and possibly outside of school hours during school sponsored events held at AMS.

Beta Club
meet criteria $15
At AMS, Beta Club is a leadership/service-oriented organization. Students will be considered for membership each spring. The requirements to be nominated include an overall grade point average (95%) for students taking all standard classes or an overall grade point average of (93%) for students who are taking one or more enriched or high school courses for semester one. If a student is nominated, he/she should be able to document 10 hours of service to others (unpaid). Note: Any nominee may be excluded from membership if they are deficient in any of the following areas: honesty, worthy character, good academics, creditable achievement, and commendable attitude. Part of the motto of the Beta Club is "to conduct myself in an ethical and moral manner to reflect credit upon my school and community."

Builders Club
complete application $10
Builders Club offers students an opportunity to discover their heart to serve and answer their call to leadership. The club provides service for the school, community, and nation through a student-led board comprised of a club president, club vice-president, club secretary, and club treasurer who run each meeting.

C.L.I.C.K. & FCA
complete application
Christ Living In Christian Kids is a club that meets before school at least once a month to pray for our school and to fellowship. Christ Living in Christian Kids is a great club. Our students are meeting new friends, participating in fun activities as well as listening to great speakers.

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) is available to all student athletes, either at AMS or in the community. We focus on equipping, enabling, empowering and encouraging students to impact and influence our campus for Christ. FCA meets one Wednesday a month at 8:00 am, where we eat donuts, play games and invite Godly speakers from our community to share a devotional. Students are able to hold offices within the club, such as, President, Vice President and Missions officer. Each year around Christmas time FCA will decide on a ministry opportunity. Past ministries have include writing Christmas cards to the local Veteran's hospital, donating supplies to the humane society Memphis and donating to Toys for Tots just to name a few.

Educational Leaders of Tomorrow (ELT's)
complete application limited space FREE
ELT's are students who volunteer service to AMS. These students serve year round doing a variety of essential jobs that help the school run efficiently. They may be assigned to an individual teacher to assist filing, bulletin boards, or tutoring. They may assist in the bookstore, office, or library. Some serve as hall monitors and runners. ELT's must maintain grades of A's, B's and no more than 2 C's.

Happy Hands
complete application FREE
Happy Hands is a small group of hand picked students, usually only 9-10 students. These select group of students come before and after school to learn to sign songs using American Sign Language (ASL). After practicing throughout the school year they perform for the AMS volunteer breakfast. The one thing that the students truly like about the club is that we perform in the dark using black lights. Students wear black shirts and white gloves when they perform. This is great for those that are reluctant to perform before an audience. Being part of our Happy Hands club has helped many students become more self assured and they have gone on to teach it to others as well as signing the Pledge of Allegiance at graduation ceremony's and other events.

Honor Choir
student currently in chorus audition competitive

Knowledge Bowl
complete application
Knowledge Bowl is a club geared towards high achieving students who want to be challenged by competing against other students in a wide range of knowledge based questions.
There will be questions from all four-core subjects but the focus will be primarily on history, geography and current events. Students need to be focused, self driven, and willing to compete.

Library Crew
complete application FREE
These students are responsible for maintaining a section of library shelves by straightening and cleaning them weekly. This will be done before school one day a week. Students may count this activity toward volunteer service hours.

Military Kids Club (MK)
Attend meeting & meet criteria
Military Kids is a club for any student whose parent(s) currently serve our country as an active duty member of the armed forces. The club provides opportunities for peer support and participation in community projects both within and outside of the school setting.
Club activities and projects are student driven. Projects that MK's have done in the past include: raising monies for the West Tennessee Veteran's home, participating in the AMS Veteran's day program, making blankets for any student whose parent is sent into a hostile territory, collecting unused school supplies to donate to a local crisis center and honoring all students who have a parent on active duty.

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)
meet criteria $20 one time induction fee
To be eligible for membership in the NJHS, the candidate must be a member of the seventh or eighth grade. Candidates enrolled in standard courses must have an accumulative scholastic grade point average of 96% for the first semester of the current school year.  Candidates enrolled in high school courses or enriched courses must have an accumulative scholastic grade point average of 94% for the first semester of the current school year. Candidates will then be evaluated on the basis of excellence in service, leadership, character, and citizenship. The selection of each member to the chapter will be by a majority vote of the faculty council.

Peer Mentors (Big Brothers/Big Sisters)
Complete application & meet criteria limited space FREE
Big Brothers/Sisters are 7th and 8th grade students who pair up with students to help them feel comfortable in the middle school setting. They serve as a big brother or big sister with tips on how to be successful at AMS.

complete application $30 competitive
Arlington Middle STEM Club is a gathering of students that meets regularly in an informal environment to work on inquiry-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related activities in competitive and non-competitive teams.

AMS STEM Club provides opportunities for students to engage in activities focused on solving real-world issues in a supportive learning environment. It also allows students to sharpen their ability to collaborate with and learn from other students. Students are able to build their knowledge of STEM content and processes as well as their interests in STEM careers.

Student Council
complete application & meet criteria elected by peers FREE
Every school year, Arlington Middle School's Student Council is very active in our school community. Starting in August, our group sponsors a back to school snow cone event in order to bolster camaraderie among the upcoming sixth graders and new students are taken on school tours in order to acclimate to their new school. Each homeroom votes on a homeroom representative to be the liaison between his class and the school. Throughout the fall semester, our leaders plan the Harvest School Dance and the Pennies for Penguins fundraiser for Lebonheur Children's Hospital. During each school year, our students are leaders with the Arlington Middle School Kindness Initiative to promote kindness within our Arlington Middle School community. Our club meets every month in order to brainstorm, to plan, and to implement student based ideas within our school. Student Council is student centered and ran strictly by our officers. Come be a part of AMS Student Council and be a voice for all students!

Symphony Orchestra
7th or 8th grader in band or orchestra audition competitive

Tiger Ambassadors 
complete application & meet criteria limited space FREE
Tiger Ambassadors are trained to showcase Arlington Middle School. They give tours and speak to individuals and groups about the advantages of being a tiger. They serve as hosts to visitors, Career Day participants and help plan the upcoming 6th Grade Orientation. They are required to participate in community service opportunities. They must be responsible, solid students who can be depended upon to catch up on any missed work when they perform duties during regular class time. They must have and show Tiger pride.

Student Yearbook
complete application & meet criteria FREE
The yearbook members put together a yearly edition of the Bobcat. The students must be dedicated and work well with deadlines. There are only fifteen members selected based on GPA, teacher recommendations, and submitted applications.