Band competes in All-West Competition

Band competes in West Tennesse's 2019-2020 All-West Competition
Posted on 01/21/2020
Congratulations to all of the AMS Band students who competed individually with the best middle school musicians in West Tennessee last Saturday, January 18th! You represented Arlington very well with your behavior and performance. Well done!

There were 37 students from Arlington Middle School that made the clinic or an alternate position. That’s more than any other middle school, and a full 10 more than the next most prolific middle school! These students have been selected to represent our region from February 13-15 at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in Memphis as part of the All-West Junior Honor Bands.

The students below rank among the best middle school performers in the state and are listed by instrument:

Stephen Job - 1st Red Band
Hailey Morris - 7th Red Band

William Luckett - 4th Blue Band
Allie Simpson - 7th Blue Band
Steven Krantz - 13th Blue Band
Preston Murphy - 17th Blue Band
Ava Scott - 21st Blue Band
Mia Palmer - 18th Red Band
Hanna Hudson - 20th Red Band
Hannah McGee - 22nd Red Band

Bass Clarinet
Nicholas Isgett - 4th Blue Band
Nathan Montgomery - 1st Red Band

Ian West - 1st Blue Band
Joshua Tucker - 4th Alternate

Alto Saxophone
Rhett Culbertson - 3rd Blue Band

Baritone Saxophone
Nicholas Biggs - 2nd Alternate

Lily Loose - 3rd Blue Band
Jack Kendall - 5th Blue Band
Zion Platt - 6th Blue Band
Sydney Heinemeier - 10th Blue Band
Nathan Linnell - 11th Blue Band

French Horn
Bryan Turner - 1st Blue Band
Hailey Simpson - 3rd Blue Band
Joshua Ducey - 4th Blue Band
Cameron Allen - 5th Blue Band
Tristan Bridges - 6th Blue Band
Rylin Marino - 8th Blue Band
Jason Remscheid - 1st Alternate
Luke Flowers - 2nd Alternate
Maura Farney - 3rd Alternate


Christopher Bettencourt - 2nd Blue Band
Christian Blankenship - 2nd Red Band

Tyler Littlewood - 2nd Blue Band
Oskar Drummond - 4th Blue Band

Patrick Francis - 7th Blue Band
Broc Littleton - 1st Red Band
Margaret Burnette - 3rd Alternate

We are very proud of these students and their accomplishments.