Earn high school credit by taking this course

Earn high school credit by taking this course
Posted on 02/13/2020
Arlington Middle School is proud to offer several high school credit courses, including Creative Writing & Etymology.

Each class, open to rising 8th grade students, is a semester long, and students will receive a high school credit upon successful completion of the courses.

Note: To enroll in Creative Writing & Etymology, the student must qualify for 8th Grade Enriched ELA or have a 90 percent semester one average in 7th Grade Standard ELA.

Creative Writing allows students to promote self-expression, to explore various writing styles, and to strive for variety in diction, sentence structure, and format. Students will develop fluency, logic, clarity, and creativity while writing for a variety of audiences. Students will explore diverse modes and genres of writing, and utilize evaluation and revision skills. Students will use array of technology in the creative process.

The Etymology course is designed to increase vocabulary and enhance use, knowledge, and understanding of the English language; to stimulate an appreciation for the English language, including how it developed, how new words enter the language, and how it continues to be dynamic; to demonstrate the importance of a broad-based vocabulary for effective oral and written communication; and to generate opportunities for practical application of concepts through various classroom activities.

For more information or if your child wants to enroll in Creative Writing & Etymology, please contact Tabetha Banks, AMS Assistant Principal.